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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you made the decision to study abroad, you are already making a huge leap out of your comfort zone. It’s not easy to leave the familiar safety of your friends, campus, and country. Being overwhelmed with your new surroundings is natural. However, it is also easy to fall into the American trap (surrounding yourself only with Americans) once you arrive. Here are a few ways to help you integrate into your study abroad destination and continue your experience of stepping out of your comfort zone:

-Participate in school activities: Just like when you were a freshman in college, the best way to immerse yourself in your host city’s environment is to get involved in your school’s activities. Many universities allow you to join a sports term or club for the semester you’re visiting. Others host trips that allow all students to attend and are a great way to see your host country, or even countries that are close in proximity.
-Avoid American bars: In most study abroad destinations, you’ll find that there are bars frequented by study abroad students and bars that are visited by locals. As much as you might want to hang out in the American-esque bars, as they are filled with your American friends and playing typical American pop music, make sure to visit the local bars. It’s a good way to pick up on the local culture or to make local friends. Which brings me to my next point…
-Make local friends: While your American friends will be able to give you that comfort of home, it will be your local friends that show you all the neat nuances of your host city. If you’re in a country that doesn’t speak English as its primary language, these local friends are a great way to practice your language skills. As a student in France, I would have bilingual conversations with my French friends in which I was able to practice my French, and my friends were able to practice their English. An easy way to make local friends that speak the host family is to sign up for a “conversation club” which has the purpose of practicing languages

-Stay with a host family: If your program has the option, stay with a local host family. Since many college students live on their own or in the residence halls, staying with a host family will certainly be an adjustment. However, when living in a foreign country, staying with a family can be comforting. Also, host families are the best way to truly experience the host culture. You’ll get to experience the host cuisine, see how the host culture lives, and practice the host language.

Choosing to study abroad is the first step outside of your comfort zone. We here at Passport Study Abroad are sure that you’ll enjoy your time abroad and hope you’ll immerse yourself in your study abroad destination. And if you find that you’re cutting it close to getting your passport, be sure to give us a call!
-Kaitlyn, PSA Team Member
Bio: Kaitlyn lives in Boston and loves all things study abroad. When she’s not plotting her way back to Ireland or France (her favorite places), she can be found updating Twitter about all things mundane: katethegreat12

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A pink rooster a PSA team member ran into in Thailand



Street Portraits in India with @pruue

To see more of Sean’s portraits from India and moments from his other travels, follow @pruue on Instagram.

After pausing to reflect on his busy life as an engineer, Singaporean Instagrammer Sean Gabriel (@pruue) realized he needed to get away.

"Living in Singapore, everything appears to be very rigid and extremely fast paced," Sean explains. "We had to take a step back, slow down a little and immerse ourselves in an entirely different culture that would be refreshing and inspiring."

In September, he joined his girlfriend and her family on a pilgrimage to India, where they sought out Vrindavan, the town where the Hindu god Krishna is believed to have spent his childhood. A sacred site with hundreds of temples, Sean recalls that “bells from the temples would ring as early as 4am.”

Having put aside a passion for graphic design to pursue a career in engineering, the trip offered a chance for Sean to reconnect with his creative interests. He found himself drawn to the people who surrounded him and sought to tell the story of his trip through portraits—even though, as strangers, they shared neither a common background nor much common language.

As he found out, his phone and a smile was all the language he needed:

"One memorable instance was a picture I took of a rickshaw rider. He immediately stood up and started gesturing me to take a picture of him whilst I was wandering around the temple. He then carried on to wrap his head with a towel that most rickshaw riders would normally wipe their seats with, in a bid to pose as character from Bollywood. At that point in time he believed he was a star, and so did I. The camera, it seems, was the catalyst that broke down the language barriers we had.”

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